Well Noted

During my training at West Dean College I worked on several books that had never been opened let alone actually read. To my delight this book is not one of those, this was what I saw when I opened to the first page of the book.  

View of inside front board and endsheet with notes

 The title page was signed by Georgius Downame who must have thoroughly enjoyed this book, making notations on nearly every page.

Some of the many notes written in this book

 I have completed the photo and written documentation to begin treatment on this book and am looking forward to finding more treasures and interesting characteristics along the way. The Derry and Raphoe Project are very committed to the use of conservation practices that retain as much of the original materials and structure as possible. This has led to some very innovative treatments, some of which I am hoping to use on this book. I will be sure to post about my progress from time to time as the treatment progresses.

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One Response to Well Noted

  1. Kristi,

    Can you speak to the significance of the stickers pasted inside the front cover? H II. C 1

    Is that some method of classification?

    Great post!


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