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Squirrels and Ant Bears and Camelopards

I have to admit a lot of the time when I’m working on the in-situ work here at Derry and Raphoe I do not even open up the book and look through the text. It’s not that I’m disinterested, I’m … Continue reading

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“How to Keep for a While What You Want to Keep For Ever”

The above is the title of a lecture given in 2005 by Tim Padfield, a chemist by training who works as a private consultant in preventive conservation, specifically museum microclimates; it’s a modest summation of what we’re about as conservators. … Continue reading

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Benburb Priory

Last week Jenny and I went on a little field trip to Benburb Priory, a Servite Priory located in East Tyrone. I have never been to a priory and to be honest was not sure what exactly went on at … Continue reading

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What am I?

An enemy ended my life, deprived me of my physical strength; then he dipped me in water and drew me out again, and put me in the sun where I soon shed all my hair. After that, the knife’s sharp … Continue reading

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Notes from a Scribe

In a 9th. century copy of Cassiodorus from the Monastery of LAON, where there was an Irish colony, these marginal jottings are found. It is cold today. Naturally, winter. The lamp gives a bad light. It is time for us … Continue reading

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DIY Humidity Chamber

I was very impressed and inspired by a LOT of last weeks Chris Clarkson workshop, however one seemingly simple tool we made blew my mind. This is a fantastic idea for any conservator, but especially those working in small workshops. … Continue reading

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Last Week in Pictures

Last week we had a fantastic 5-day workshop on parchment repair with Christopher Clarkson. The workshop was jam-packed with historical information and repair techniques. I promise to go into further detail on what was learned, but forĀ  now I thought … Continue reading

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