Last Week in Pictures

Last week we had a fantastic 5-day workshop on parchment repair with Christopher Clarkson. The workshop was jam-packed with historical information and repair techniques. I promise to go into further detail on what was learned, but for  now I thought I would give you a brief overview of some of the activities that went on over the course of the week.

Three types of parchment joins: overlap made with parchment tape, overlap join with thread, scarf join adhered with gelatine

Temporary humidity chamber made from polystyrene, duct tape and thread

Pinning out humidified parchment to dry under tension allowing it to flatten

Releasing a fold in the parchment cover

Five parchment repair methods: thread repair, parchment tape repair, wider parchment tape repair, gelatine adhesive repair, patch repair











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One Response to Last Week in Pictures

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow, looks like a great time!

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