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What’s a Mangel?

As the boxing process continues we are always coming across something new and interesting. Last week it was Alessandro who found these advertisements for mangels tucked inside a large Bible. They are not only lovely pieces of ephemera, but they … Continue reading

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Remondini Decorative Paper

Yesterday Alessandro and I were going through the stacks looking for more in-situ work and came across this little gem. Further information was learned about the decorative paper thanks to our intern Hellen, who is actually from the region where … Continue reading

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New Team Members!

Meet our two new team members, Hellen and Catherine! After spending some time as an apprentice in objects and fresco conservation she decided to return to school and focus her study on book and paper conservation. Hellen is currently in … Continue reading

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Which size to use; a mini-experiment

On Monday I asked the team what kind of paper size they typically use on weakened paper in the collection. I received several replies, some said Methyl cellulose, others said Klucel G, diluted paste was mentioned as well as gelatin. … Continue reading

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Held together by a string

The first time I went into the Rare Books Room at the Magee Library where the Derry & Raphoe collection is stored I thought I would see shelves of lovely old books bound in leather, vellum and sometimes cloth. Instead, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s 2011, a new decade! Time to start afresh, start working on those new years resolutions and get back to work. At Derry and Raphoe we started our new year by doing a major clean-up. We reorganized everything, did … Continue reading

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