Remondini Decorative Paper

Yesterday Alessandro and I were going through the stacks looking for more in-situ work and came across this little gem. Further information was learned about the decorative paper thanks to our intern Hellen, who is actually from the region where this particular paper was made.

Quarter vellum binding covered with Remondini decorative paper

The paper was printed by the Remondini family, a well-known family of printers based in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), Italy. They set up shop in the city center of Bassano and were in operation from 1634-1861. Some of their stock included games, playing cards, wallpapers, woodcuts of saints and other popular objects. Remondini is also famous for his door-to-door sales method, sending out sales people armed with sample books to sell his decorative papers.


Remondini decorative paper sample book

Hellen also informed me that in Bassano there is a small museum devoted to the Remondini family and their craft. Unfortunately I was unable to find a web site for the museum, but Hellen did offer to take me there the next time I’m in her neck of the woods.


Close-up view of pattern on Remondini paper

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