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Yesterday Tony was making a box for this book and read me the title page. It describes this book as the portable family Bible. Notice how easily Tony is able to carry it around and read from it. In the … Continue reading

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Art Glass

My boss Jenny got a call yesterday from a stained glass restorer inquiring about the upcoming IPCRA meeting our studio will be hosting in April. Turns their glass studio, called Art Glass is right around the corner from us! Two and a half years at … Continue reading

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A question of tidiness?

I decided to take a little time today to read an article by Nicholas Pickwoad entitled Distinguishing Between the Good and Bad Repair of Books; a title alone could create a string of questions and opinions among conservators. Pickwoad emphasises that it … Continue reading

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Three pictures

The three books in this post came through the studio as part of our in-situ work this week. Some are interesting, some a little scary and others a mystery. The book pictured above seems to have been used as a … Continue reading

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Learning from Mistakes

I came across this blog post by Kevin Driedger thanks to another blog called PCAN. Kevin’s post discusses the emphasis on standards in conservation. He suggests that a set of standards can not cover all the unknowns in conservation and … Continue reading

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Early Censorship?

 I was doing the paperwork for my newest conservation project and came across a group of pages that were held together with a stitch of thread. Unfortunately I’m not a Latin expert so I can’t translate the title to get … Continue reading

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Hellen Update!

Yesterday I was walking by Hellen’s bench and saw her lifting up this book in the press! This huge book is her project for her internship here and so far it looks fantastic! She has done plenty of paper repair, … Continue reading

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