Three pictures

The three books in this post came through the studio as part of our in-situ work this week. Some are interesting, some a little scary and others a mystery.

Hand colored fronispiece

The book pictured above seems to have been used as a coloring book, with someone writing an inscription on the front cover board and filling in the illustration on the title page. The coloring has gone very opaque and chalky looking, a characteristic of some other books in the collection. We are not sure what kinds of pigments were used or what has caused this reaction but for now we hope a box will give protection enough until further investigation can take place.

Mold-eaten textblock

This poor book has been ravaged by a mold outbreak, most likely from the time the collection spent in damp and sometimes wet storage. Sadly there is far more work in this book than could be completed on our tight time schedule but for now it is a little safer inside a box.

Book with pink boards

One of the unique features to this collection is a small number of books with pink boards. Our project supervisor, Nicholas Pickwood had never seen this feature in his studies until his encounter with this collection. The origin and story behind the pink boards is still unknown, but it is an interesting feature of the collection. Hopefully next week yields an equally interesting selection of books.

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