I’m Back!

Very sorry for the abrupt stop to my blogging about D&R. I spent the last two weeks on holiday showing a dear friend around Ireland. While I was on vacation I did manage to fit in two “bookie” visits that I would highly recommend:


Illumination from the Book of Kells


First, we saw the Book of Kells, a conservators gem, and an amazing exhibition. I had seen the book before but very briefly so it was very enjoyable to go and spend as much time as I wanted going through the exhibit. Prior to going into the exhibit Catherine (a furniture conservator and volunteer at D&R) and I were discussing whether or not they really turned a page every day. together we decided this would be a very bad idea as you would be risking the seals of the cases, potential damage from use as well as a daily change in environmental conditions. After a discussion with a very nice lady monitoring the room we found out that we were right indeed, the pages are turned once every 3-4 months, an answer that satisfied both of us.

Our second “bookie visit” was the lovely Chester Beatty Library, a place I had also visited before. Again I was surprised and delighted at how amazing the exhibition was and very impressed to see three cases devoted to conservation! Everything was laid out beautifully and we were even lucky enough to catch a tour and learn more about the stories being told in the beautiful illuminated paintings.

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