Fancy Box

Sometimes conservation requires a LOT of problem-solving and innovation, case in point the box Tony constructed for a book he recently finished conserving. After lots of paper repair, sewing repair and many attempts at humidifying and flattening the original parchment cover Tony decided the best course of action for his book was a new parchment cover. The original was just too short to make all the other work worth it, reattaching it would leave the foredge vulnerable and potentially create lots of other problems in terms of use and storage.

Front view of Tony's two-item box

Now that the book was in two distinct pieces he needed to create an enclosure to house them both safely. He decided to create a two-compartment box, one to hold the new rebound volume and the second to house the original vellum cover. The original cover was supported by a piece of foam cut to the size and width of the original cover and covered with Tyvek to prevent abrasion. He even created a space in the support block to house an envelope filled with other small pieces of the binding that needed saving. With the original cover supported he then made a chemise using Tyvek lined linen to protect the cover.

Tony's amazing two-part box with compartment for extra bits

As you can see the finished product is something to behold and in my opinion a very effective box for its purpose. Bravo Tony!

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