Work experience at Chester Beatty Library

As part of our work as conservators for the Derry and Raphoe Collection, we undertake regular training to keep us up to date with new conservation developments but also to get a better understanding of conservation work required on different type of collections.

I have joined the team late last May and therefore have not had a chance to go on a training course yet. In December 2011, my line manager and myself have organised for me to go on work experience at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Chester Beatty Library

to familiarise myself with Indian and Persian Miniatures (the technique and conservation needs):

Baysunghur's Shahnameh, 1430 (Persian Miniature)

I will be working in the CBL Conservation studio for 2 weeks in direct supervision of Jessica Baldwin, Head of the Conservation Department from Monday the 16th of January.
I am very much looking forward to learn about Eastern materials from a renown Art Institution and I realise how privileged I am to be given the chance to undertake such work. A big thank you to Jessica Baldwin, Jennifer Murray and Joe McLaughlin!!

About juliapoirier

Assistant book and paper conservator at Derry and Raphoe Diocesan Library
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